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For 17 years, I have been helping people make one of the biggest life-changing decisions we can make, which is our career. It has been my job to understand what drives people, what are their values and beliefs, what they love, and what makes them happy. I’ve been working extensively with senior leaders and teams and understand what drives high performance, resilience and trust.

As a Female Empowerment Coach, I leverage this experience to help successful women reconnect with their purpose and joy, and carve out a new path of living intentionally. I use a genuine, real, down-to-earth, professional style to engage with my clients and tailor the coaching sessions to each client’s individual journey. I am often told I am highly intuitive, engaging and driven. I “get” people. And I love working with people, helping them achieve their goals, challenging their mindset and removing their self-limiting beliefs. 

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As a result of our work together, I can promise that you will feel more empowered, ready to wake up every day, feeling motivated to start achieving those big dreams you’ve set your eyes on!

The answer was that I wasn’t living my life with intention or following my true purpose – I was simply unfulfilled. 

When I was a young girl, I remember my father saying to me: ‘Sarah, everyone can do their best, you have to do better than your best’, and that has always stuck with me. 

In every job in my corporate career, I would achieve my goals, get bored and move on in search of more. I’d give it my absolute all: I was awarded as one of the top 3% of high-performing employees worldwide, 3 x Elite Club membership and my monthly bonuses were far greater than my monthly salary. 

Despite all of this, I kept asking myself why I was not happy and why did I keep searching for more?

My background

Growing up, I didn’t really have strong female figures. And when I moved into the world of work, I was led by females who ruled by micromanagement and scare tactics. Getting married at 23 to a man who was borderline schizophrenic and an alcoholic was my cry out — ‘It’s fine, I can change him’. After years of pouring love into a man with no reciprocation, this really dampened my confidence. 

Fast forward to 2020 and I embarked on the most rewarding yet most difficult job of all, becoming a mum! Suddenly, I felt I had lost control, the wheels came off and I had no idea what I was doing, self-doubt crept in, and I fell into a deep post-natal depression. I was unhappy and I didn’t know why, I was suffering from severe anxiety and I hated myself. I didn’t care about looking after myself anymore and had some very dark days not knowing how to get out of the hole. 

I was stuck and I needed to dig deep and find my inner strength again. I knew there was more to life and I owed it to myself and my family to be the best version of myself. With the support of my partner, Steve, and my daughter, Florence, we moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I took time off work, switched off and fully focused on myself. I invested heavily in a world-renowned high-performance coach and I challenged myself to regain my confidence, clarity and purpose, and I took my power back. 

Now I want to help you do the same. I believe that with determination and a clear focus, we are capable of achieving our wildest dreams. Because I turned my life around, I know that you can, too!

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It doesn’t matter how hard you work, if your mindset remains the same, your results will remain the same, year after year. 

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